WHO warns of a global Dengue fever epidemic

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Dengue spreading mosquito

Dengue fever, a mosquito borne viral disease, is rapidly spreading across the world aided by urbanization and population movements.

The warning comes from the World Health Organization(WHO) which says the incidence of dengue has increased 30 fold over the past fifty years.

According to WHO, there are up to 100 million new dengue infections every year and half of the world population is now living in countries where the disease has become endemic.

Dr Raman Velayudhan,  a scientist at  WHO, says the two major parts of the world where it is most common is Latin America as well as South East Asia and the Pacific region.

 "We also have new reports emerging that about 22 countries in Africa are also at risk of Dengue and in-fact dengue transmission has taken place in those countries in Africa. And since 2010, there has been local transmission of dengue even in Europe. There is very little attention given to Dengue as a programme and there is a need for greater resources and greater commitments from governments and agencies to tackle this epidemic."
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WHO has launched a new Global Strategy for Dengue prevention and control which aims to reduce deaths from the disease by half over the next 8 years.

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