Storm kills over 100 and leaves 63,000 others homeless in North Korea

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North Korea floods

Flooding caused by storms in North Korea has killed over 100 people and left 63,000 others homeless, according to the United Nations humanitarian agency (OCHA).

United Nations agencies and their partners in the country have provided food, non-food relief items, medicines and other health items to the people in need.

OCHA spokesperson Jena Laerke, says the livelihoods of the people in the flooded provinces have been affected.

"In the second half of July continuous heavy rainfall and the Cyclone Khanun have caused flash flooding in several provinces across North Korea. The current number of deaths is more than 100. Nearly 63,000 people have been rendered homeless. Their houses have are submerged or partially destroyed. The government has launched a rescue operation to evacuate the affected people."

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OCHA says that assessment teams have visited Anju City and Songchon in South Pyongan province and Chonnae in Kangwon province, which are considered the three most affected counties.

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