Peace plan for Syria remains "only game in town"

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Gérard Araud

There is still a need for an envoy to help end the conflict in Syria following the resignation of Kofi Annan, the joint United Nations-Arab League envoy.

That's what the President of the Security Council, Ambassador Gérard Araud of France, told reporters on Friday afternoon.

He said no one knows what is going to happen in the coming hours as the government has opted for a military solution to the crisis and the opposition is fighting back.

Ambassador Araud was asked about when he expected an envoy to be appointed.

"My understanding is that he will be or she will be appointed Monday or Tuesday. As for the peace plan, for the moment Six Point Peace Plan is the only game in town, is the only text which has been approved by all the members of the Security Council and I suspect that we have for the moment to stick to it especially, you know, the first points which are about the end of the violence, which is, of course, by far the most important element."

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