Jamaica's new HIV strategy: "Making Human Rights real

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Dane Richardson (left), Programme Development Manager, and Kandasi Levermore, Executive Director of Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL) discuss the use of the Human Rights Costing Tool while participating in the pilot project.

Jamaica's new National HIV Strategic Plan (NSP) 2012-2017 focuses on an enabling environment and human rights. The plan was developed in 2011 through a highly consultative process involving the government, private sector, faith-based organizations, youth, people living with HIV and international development partners.

The Jamaica NSP makes human rights real. NSPs often include human rights as guiding principles or cross-cutting priorities. However, the Jamaica NSP includes concrete and costed programmatic actions to support human rights, reduce stigma and create an enabling legal environment for the HIV response. This was made possible with the use of the new UNAIDS Human Rights Costing Tool (HRCT).

According to Dr. Pierre Somse, UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Belize: "The Human Rights Costing Tool is a powerful connector which brings together all stakeholders working on human rights and facilitates effective dialogue among them while providing measurable targets. It allows people to see what the human-rights-based approach is in reality. It therefore makes it a tangible component of strategic planning while better articulating what the human-rights-based campaign is."

The Human Rights Costing Tool was included in the process of costing of the NSP for three reasons: to estimate both spending and the resource needs on human rights more precisely so as to inform the Resource Needs Model (RNM); to promote the use of the tool by civil society and stakeholders working on human rights; and to facilitate the participation of civil society and stakeholders working on Human Rights in the development of the NSP.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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