Timorese athletes arrive at the Olympics on the wings of hope

Augusto Ramos Soares and Juventina Napoleao

Two young people from Timor-Leste are carrying the hopes of their island nation at the 2012 Olympics in London.  Augusto Ramos Soares and Juventina Napoleao both will compete in the marathon. As their country's only representatives at the world's most prestigious sporting event, they are already stars in the eyes of the Timorese people.

Expert calls for better access to water and sanitation to save lives in Kiribati

Locals in Tebikenikora, Kiribati

UN special rapporteur Catarina de Albuquerque was in Kiribati in late July where she urged the government to prioritize sanitation to save lives.  Gerry Adams spoke to Ms. Albuquerque about her visit to the country, which faces challenges related to poor water and sanitation, including an elevated rate of child mortality.

New bridge improves livelihoods for Cambodian villages

New bridge in Cambodia

Delivering a baby is strenuous enough, but imagine spending two hours on a motorbike, a ferry and a rickshaw just to get to the nearest health centre to give birth. That's what happened to 26-year old So phorn when she delivered her first baby three years ago in Cambodia.  Such journeys are now relegated to the past, thanks to a new bridge spanning the 40-metre wide Kampong Sdam river, thus linking two communes in and improving the lives of their residents. It was built through support from the UN Development Programme and the European Union.

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