Timorese organize Parliamentary elections

Timor elections

An estimated 600 thousand people in Timor-Leste turned out on the 7th of July to make their voices heard in the 2012 Parliamentary vote. The polling started in the wee hours of the morning throughout the country. Timor-Leste, located in East Asia between Australia and Indonesia, gained its independence from Indonesia in 2002 after many years of struggle. These were the first parliamentary elections to be organized by the Timorese themselves, after a long period of UN assistance. Voter turnout was high.

Hand, foot and mouth disease kills more than 50 children in Cambodia

Doctor takes a nasal swab from young Cambodian

The mysterious illness that has killed at least 52 children in Cambodia since April has been diagnosed as hand, foot and mouth disease , according to the World Health Organization. The virus, known as EV-71, is spread by sneezing, coughing and coming into contact with fluid from blisters or feces from someone who is infected. Hand, foot, and mouth disease is not related to the animal disease known as foot-and-mouth. Health officials say the two are caused by different viruses. Julie Walker reports.

The Quest for Secure Energy

A test burn at an exploratory oil well in the North Sea

Author Daniel Yergin won the Pulitzer for his book called The Prize, the epic quest for oil money and power, but he waited over 20 years to tackle the topic of oil again. His newest book is called The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World. The International Monetary Fund's Jocelyne Frank spoke with Mr. Yergin about the importance of the changing oil market. He argues that experts often overstate the threat of oil reserves running out.

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