Syria urged to implement proposals for peaceful transition

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UN Observers in Syria

The joint UN and Arab League special envoy on Syria, Kofi Annan, is appealing to the government and the opposition to take an objective look at the peace road map drawn by the Syrian Action group which met in Geneva last Saturday.

Mr Annan says the proposals put forward by the meeting provide a clear and definitive way to end the Syrian crisis.

He says the violence and human rights violations must end to allow the political and transition process to begin.

During the Saturday meeting, the Syrian Action group proposed the establishment of an executive transitional authority to guide the country out of the 16-month old crisis.

Ahmad Fawzi is the spokesperson for the Joint Special Envoy.

"We are appealing to the parties to take a deep breath and step back from the brink and look long and hard at the proposals on the table because they form a framework for a solution; a solution that can either be reached through more bloodshed,  or a solution that can be reached through negotiations and through a political process that will meet the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people. The joint envoy and his team are devastated by the continuing violence. And we are appealing once again to the powers with influence to use that influence to stop the killing so that we can move to a political process which we believe is the only solution to this crisis."

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