WHO alert over drug-resistant gonorrhoea

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Gonorrhoea is becoming a major threat to public health worldwide as the only available antibiotic for the treatment of the disease is no longer effective.

The World Health Organization(WHO) says several countries, including Australia, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom are reporting cases of resistance to cephalosporin antibiotics – the last treatment option against gonorrhoea.

WHO says incorrect use of antibiotics was one of the major factors contributing to the treatment failure.

Dr Manjoula Lusti- Narasimhan from WHO warns that untreatable gonorrhoea has serious health implications for an estimated 106 million people who are infected  each year.

"For men and women they could become infertile, for women who are pregnant they could have ectopic pregnancies or spontaneous abortions that could increase maternal deaths. For infants born to these women with untreated gonorrhoea we already know that over half of them develop severe eye infections and many of these could lead to blindness. WHO has developed this global action plan and this calls for an increased vigilance it calls for increase surveillance and strengthened lab capacity, strengthened training for health care providers. We are trying to push for more research into other treatment options because currently we have no plan B."

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