We live in a world too obsessed by economic indicators, without the human indices: Jamaica

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Derek Kellier

Jamaica has told the International Labour Organization that the International Labour Conference was overshadowed by the global crisis with the prospects of growth and job creation remaining illusive.

Jamaica's Minister of Labour and Social Security is Derek Kellier.

Derek Kellier: The World of Work report of 2012 informs us that it is unlikely that the world economy will grow at a sufficient pace over the next couple of years to both close the existing job deficit and provide employment for the over 800-million people expected to enter the labor market during this period. We live in a world too obsessed by economic indicators, content with measuring a country's growth and development without the human indices. We ignore the cries of pain around the world from the millions of workers who are without adequate social protection and deprived of their human dignity. We are encouraged by the conclusions of the recent G20 meeting of Labor employment ministers where they have agreed to develop policies to create quality jobs, design successful strategies to promote youth employment and seek options for employment generation as part of a strategy to boost green growth.

NAR: Minister Kellier stressed that "we owe it to our youth to provide them with a legacy on which to build their lives."

Derek Kellier: It is ironic that they are the least responsible for the global crisis but the ones who will carry the burden of its consequences. We simply cannot be content with macro-economic indicators alone. Every time we face a crisis, it is the human dimension that suffers because it is the workers, the poor and the vulnerable who carry a disproportionate burden of the process of recovery. Today's crisis is an assault upon our common humanity and it is through the work of the ILO and other like-minded international organizations – the conscience of mankind that we can hope to balance the economic needs of efficiency with the human desire for equity.. Mr. President, we will remain a world in crisis if we fail to recognize the primacy of the human element in what we do.

NAR: Minister of Labour and Social Security Derek Kellier said Jamaica would continue to work through its social partners and wider stakeholders to identify gaps in protection and to seek to close them by working towards a comprehensive social security system.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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