UN demands Syrian government takes the lead to end violence and killing

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UN Observers in Syria

Violence in Syria has once again escalated to levels seen before the cease-fire plan was put in place in April, according to the UN and Arab League special Envoy Kofi Annan.

In his view, the Syrian government has the upper hand to stop the violence, killings and human rights abuses.

Mr Annan says the UN military observers in Syria have documented evidence of the use of helicopter gunships by government forces.

He hopes that the Syria contact group that is being formed will boost his peace plan and that the governments with influence on parties to the conflict will exact pressure to have the plan implemented in full.

Ahmad Fawzi is the spokesperson for The Joint Special Envoy.

"The objective of creating this group is to convince the parties to implement the plan in its entirety. It is not create a new plan. This is the only plan on the table at the moment. What is lacking is its implementation, and that is why we count on these member states with influence on the parties to put irrevocable pressure on the parties to implement the plan and stop the killing and begin a political transition. Violence in all its forms by all parties must stop immediately for the sake of the Syrian people. We are not taking sides in this conflict. The only side we are on is the side of the Syrian people, women, men and children who are suffering in Syria." (Duration: 47″)

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