More women and girls being killed at home says UN Human Rights expert

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Violence against women has reached alarming portions, with more and more women and girls being killed by their partners and family members, according to a United Nations human rights expert.

Rashida Manjoo, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, says in many countries the home is the place where a woman is most likely to be murdered, whereas men are more likely to be murdered in the street.

In a report to the UN Human Rights Council Ms Manjoo says the murder of women and girls to cleanse family honour is being committed with high levels of impunity in many parts of the world.

She says many states were failing to guarantee the right of women to a life free from violence, which lends itself to the belief that male violence against women is both acceptable and inevitable.

" The report argues that a holistic approach in responding to and preventing gender-related killings must be emphasized in all the measures taken by States. These include ensuring effective investigations, prosecutions and sanctions; treating women victims and their relatives with respect and dignity throughout the legal process; ensuring comprehensive reparations to victims and their relatives; identifying certain groups of women as being at particular risk for acts of violence due to multiple forms of discrimination, and modifying the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women, as well as eliminating prejudices, customary practices and other practices based on the idea of the inferiority or superiority of either of the sexes, or on stereotyped roles for men and women."  

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