Founder of Brazil's Green Party wants UNEP to have a bigger role in the world

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Fernando Gabeira

Fernando Gabeira said that Rio + 20 should discuss the future of the UN Environment Programme giving it more clout to deal with the world's ecological issues.

One of Brazil's most historical figures in environmental protection has defended a bigger role to be played by the UN Environment Programme, UNEP, in the future.

In a short interview with UN Radio, on Wednesday, Fernando Gabeira, said he expected some actions resulting from Rio + 20, including changes in UNEP, in order to make it bigger.

"I think maybe it should be an agency, but perhaps the tendency it is to make it a little bit bigger than what it exists now. This is an important point: how you can prepare the United Nations to coordinate all these actions in a planetary level?"

Fernando Gabeira is one of the founders of the country's first environmental party, the Green Party. A well-known figure in Brazil, he used to "preach a green platform" during the 1970's and 1980's even before becoming a politician.

A former left-wing member of the Brazilian resistance movement during the dictatorship period (1964-1985), Gabeira has served several terms as a member of the Brazilian Parliament always representing the Green Party.

According to him, Rio + 20 will have a positive effect in years to come, as it has managed "already to put the subject of sustainable development in the main news cycle.

"Because of the UN Conference, this issue has made the headlines drawing people's attention to the protection of the environment. This is a positive effect."

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