Coordinated action needed for decent work policies and programmes will be implemented to create employment

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Errol McLeod

Trinidad and Tobago has told the International Labour Organization about a few issues which it said stood out as requiring urgent attention.

Minister of Labour pointed to the duration of the International Labour Conference and the often times prohibitive costs for smaller countries who wish to participate. Second, he said, was the need to consider as necessary the contemporary world of work and to review, update and consolidate the provisions of conventions and recommendations.

Errol McLeod: And 3: the need for recognizing the unique challenges which some countries such as the small island developing states continue to grapple with in the achievement of decent work for all. We note with concern, the situation in the stands committee and look forward to a resolution of this historic development – a resolution that is effective, borne out of consensus and which takes us forward in the interest of all member states and the tri-partite partners. As the ILO approaches the milestone of its 100th anniversary, the time has come to undertake a complete review of our operations.

NAR: Minister McLeod also drew attention to current high global unemployment situation.

Errol McLeod: Against the backdrop of 200 million workers being jobless and UN reports which point to the possible threat to the world economy, arising from austerity measures and galloping social debt, the issues of job creation and people-centred development assume renewed significance in an era where, to quote Director General Somavia, "banks are deemed too big to fail but people are treated as too small to matter", the onus is on all of us to decisive action on the right issues at the right time to ensure the return to job-rich economic growth. It is by collective commitment that we will continue to deliberate on the most effective mechanisms to reduce poverty and social injustice. It is through coordinated action that decent work policies and programmes will be implemented to create employment, generate wealth, improve working conditions and promote social dialogue. And indeed, it is through our individual and collective resolve that we will work tirelessly to ensure that there is development at all levels of our societies and that the youth and all vulnerable groups are included.

NAR: Labour Minister Errol Mc Leod concluded that as his country Trinidad and Tobago prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence as well as the 75th anniversary of its labour movement, he wished to reaffirm the twin-island republic's commitment to tri-partism and long-held ILO ideals, adding that he looked forward to seeing the ILO tri-partite family at its best in the period ahead.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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