150,000 Sudanese refugees flee into South Sudan

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Refugees from Blue Nile State crossing the border

More than 150,000 Sudanese refugees have crossed the border into South Sudan, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

The refugees are fleeing fighting between Sudan government forces and rebel groups in Blue Nile State.

Last week humanitarian agencies operating in the region reported seven deaths among a group on new arrivals at a transit site of Hofra about 25 kilometres from the border with Sudan.

The deaths are believed to be linked to the weak state the refugee arrived in after walking for weeks from Blue Nile state with little to eat or drink.

Adrian Edwards from UNHCR says the agency is moving some of the refugees from the border areas to camps where they can receive adequate relief supplies.

"Over the weekend, UNHCR and humanitarian partners moved 8,000 Sudanese refugees from a transit site in north-eastern South Sudan following several deaths, and potential new arrivals of up to 15,000 refugees into Upper Nile state. The weekend emergency relocation began after food and other relief items had been distributed to all 32,000 refugees in Hofra. UNHCR took the refugees to another transit site called Kilo 18, where an estimated two weeks of water supply is available. MSF has moved its water treatment facility and field medical centre and is maintaining a 24-hour presence there".  (Duration: 38″)

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