Polio eradication stalling due to lack of funding

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A young child receives polio drops in Pakistan

Global polio eradication efforts could grind to a halt over the next two years unless a one billion dollar funding shortfall is met, according to the World Health Organization(WHO).

The agency says the funding is needed to scale up vaccination campaigns in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are the remaining polio endemic countries.

WHO says the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is cutting back on immunization campaigns in 24 countries which are at high risk of polio transmission in order to fund programmes in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Fifty-five cases of polio have been reported this year.

Dr Bruce Aylward is in charge of WHO’s Polio Department.

"India now we believe is Polio free, over one year since they had their last child paralyzed by Polio. Which puts to rest finally any questions as to the technical feasibility of polio eradication. It can be done, its not a technical issue, its not a biological issue, it's an issue of political will to finance it to hold people accountable to implement the strategies and parental will to have children vaccinated."  Duration 28"

WHO estimates that 2 million children were likely to become paralyzed if polio is not eradicated over the next decade.

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