Guyana’s vision of sustainable tourism principles

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Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

NARRATOR: Guyana’s vision for tourism is based on established, sustainable tourism principles – meeting the needs of the present tourism and host regions, while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds told the 13th Sustainable Tourism Conference that Guyana’s tourism vision is to make Guyana a destination of choice, and a global leader in sustainable tourism. And he stressed: “We are definitely making strides!”

TAPE: As part of Guyana’s efforts to conserve forests and biodiversity, the Iwokrama Reserve was granted to the Commonwealth for the purpose of research, and it has become a living laboratory for sustainable tropical forest management, and research Into global warming. The evidence is clear that climate-change is a reality, and we are already feeling the effects. Guyana, like the rest of the Caribbean, is very vulnerable to the Impacts of climate-change. Approximately 90% of the population, and most economic activities are located in a narrow strip along the coast, near or below sea level.

NARRATOR: Prime Minister Sam Hinds said the government and people of Guyana recognize that their forest resources are a potential natural asset which they can exploit, In order to obtain revenues needed for their economic growth and development.

TAPE: However, we recognize that our forests have been playing, and can continue to play, an important role In addressing climate-change at this critical time, particularly if we put strong limits on any reduction and degradation of our forests, since deforestation and degradation of tropical forests are estimated to contribute approximately 20% of greenhouse gases generated around the world The question has been whether, in maintaining our forests to help in the global fight against climate-change, we ought not to receive appropriate financial resources for so doing. We believed that we could, once we advocate a clear vision and long-term strategy aligning both national development and the combating of climate-change, thereby making them complementary, and not competing, objectives.

NARRATOR: Prime Minister Hinds said Guyana is fully committed to providing the infrastructure to enable its’ tourism industry can flourish.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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