Fighting dengue fever with genetically modified mosquitoes and vaccines

genetically modified mosquitoes

Some new weapons are being developed to fight dengue fever. One is genetically modified mosquitoes and the other is a vaccine. Dengue is a mosquito-borne infection found in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world. In recent years, transmission has increased predominantly in urban and semi-urban areas and has become a major international public health concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) says severe dengue is a leading cause of serious illness and death among children in some Asian countries. The virus afflicts as many as 100 million people a year around the world.     

Australia celebrates Aboriginals and other indigenous peoples at UN event

UN Event celebrates Aboriginals and other indigenous peoples

The Australian Mission to the United Nations held a celebration for the permanent forum on indigenous issues, with a reception in the General Assembly lobby.  Some 2,000 indigenous people from around the world are in New York for the annual meeting which ends this week. This year’s special theme is “The Doctrine of Discovery: Its Enduring Impact on Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Redress for Past Conquests." The Australian event was an opportunity for the country to celebrate its Indigenous Aborigines.


Khmer Krom strive to preserve their cultural heritage in Viet Nam

Intreabud Ricky Tran and two other members of the Khmer Krom

The Khmer Krom, the indigenous peoples of the Mekong Delta who live in Viet Nam, are trying to preserve their heritage while advancing their culture. They are one of the many groups that came to the United Nations to participate in the 11th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The UN says there are more than 370 million indigenous people in about 90 countries worldwide. Intreabud Ricky Tran, a youth coordinator with the Khmer Krom Federation says his group is trying to make Viet Nam more sensitive to indigenous peoples issues.

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