Syria's cessation of violence remains fragile as killings continue

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Kofi Annan and press spokesman Ahmad Fawzi

One week into the cessation of  violence in Syria,  the situation remains fragile with civilian casualties and killings being reported daily, according the joint UN and Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan.

He says although the Syrian authorities were cooperating to a certain extent, the situation on the ground is not good.

Mr. Annan says the presence of the advance United Nations monitoring team in Syria was changing the dynamics on the ground but said the deployment of the full mission was crucial to moving the peace effort forward.

Ahmad Fawzi is the spokesperson for the joint special Envoy.

"It’s a risky situation, the cease-fire is fragile, there are casualties everyday there are incidents everyday and we have to do everything we can to stop what's going on the killing the violence in all its forms. However we are not going back to sit and wait any longer, and Mr. Annan feels very strongly that it is important to have a presence on the ground because the presence of monitors who will observe what's going on and report what both sides are doing will create a new momentum and its already changing the political dynamics on the ground. So we want these monitors to be deployed as quickly as possible even given the current fragile cease-fire."

The United Nations has so far deployed 7 monitors in Damascus to observe the cessation of violence. The UN Security Council is shortly expected to discuss the deployment of the full mission which will have up to 300 monitors.

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