Situation in Syria "a moving target"

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US Ambassador Susan E. Rice

The situation in Syria has been described by the President of the Security Council as a "moving target".

The Council is expected to receive an assessment from the UN Secretary-General related to the authorization of observers to Syria.

A six-man advance team is in Syria to monitor the ceasefire which came into effect on 12 April.

Ambassador Susan Rice, the President of the Security Council told journalists in New York that a letter from the Secretary-General could come late on Wednesday.

"When we receive the report, and when we get an assessment from Joint Special Envoy Annan and others about the situation on the ground—and obviously that's a moving target and we'll have to assess it over time—we'll be able determine whether the conditions that the council said must be in place are in fact in place. The Council was clear: there needs to a sustained cessation of violence. There has to be the ability for this advance contingent to be able to operate freely and unimpeded. And I think there is reason on both counts to be concerned that thus far those conditions are not in place."

Ambassador Rice said the Security Council will meet on Syria on Thursday.

She said members hope it will be possible to hear from Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy for Syria, next week.

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