UN special envoy on Syria heads to Moscow and Beijing

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UN Arab League Special envoy on Syria

United Nations and Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan is travelling to Moscow and Beijing over the weekend for talks on the Syria crisis.

The visit comes just days after Russia and China joined other members of the Security Council to approve Mr Annan's plan for ending violence in Syria.

The six point peace plan aims at ending the violence and human rights abuses, allowing humanitarian agencies access and launching political dialogue.

Earlier this week, Mr. Annan had sent a mission to Damascus to continue with negotiations.

Ahmed Fawzi is the spokesperson for the special envoy.

"The mission that was sent to Damascus has returned. They had intensive talks with the Syrian authorities for three days on the Annan proposals and ways to implement those proposals all six of them. They were very intensive talks which Mr. Annan was monitoring very carefully. We are now studying those Syrian responses to the proposals and we continue negotiations with the Syrian authorities by telephone. He will at some point decide that's it time to go back to Damascus but this is not the time yet. He has decided it's important to talk to the Russians and the Chinese on these very same issues."

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