Syria: UN sending human rights monitors

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Human Rights Council

The United Nations is to deploy human rights monitors in countries bordering Syria to document atrocities and human rights violations committed in the country.

UN Human Rights Deputy High Commissioner Kyung-wha Kang said the monitors will be deployed later this week.

She said most of the contacts that have been providing the UN Human Rights office with information on what was happening in Syria as far as human rights violations were concerned had been lost.

Ms. Kang was speaking at the conclusion of the debate by the UN Human Rights Council on the report by the Commission of inquiry on Syria.

"Up to about December we've had several lines of information being fed into our office from the ground, but after December those lines of information have very much been lost. We are trying to keep contact with the ground as much as we can. We will be sending monitors for information collection and documentation of the violations and atrocities in the border areas in the neighbouring countries later this week. There is great deal of support it seems from the council members for the further extension of this commission of inquiry and the office of the high commissioner stands very ready to support the commission in the next phase of its activities."

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