Reflections on the relevance of the Manila Declaration

Libran Cabactulan

Thirty years ago, the Manila Declaration on the peaceful settlement of international disputes was adopted by the UN. While the declaration takes its name from the capitol of the Philippines where it was signed in 1982, it actually maps out a plan for all countries to follow in the peaceful settlement of international disputes. This month, Philippine Ambassador to the UN, Libran Cabactulan got the Special Committee of the Charter of the UN and on the Strengthening of the Role of the UN Organization to approve a proposal that calls on all states to observe and promote in good faith the Manila Declaration.


Yasmen Akhtar

Establishing microcredit facilities in Pakistan's mountainous communities

In the mountainous terrain of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan, it is not easy to start a small business. Banks are far away and in bad weather they are inaccessible by road. Moreover, the poor in the region do not have the collateral for loans or the ability to pay high interest rates. In 2004, the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development initiated a community development project to try and address this. IFAD says when a community pools its money and manages its own micro-credit loans, there are astonishing results.

Five million people in Yemen don't have enough food

child getting immunized

Almost half the population of Yemen is struggling to find enough food to eat according to the World Food Programme. Preliminary results of a survey carried out by WFP in cooperation with the Yemeni Central Statistical Organization and UNICEF, show that five million people are unable to produce or buy the food they need. Yemen has faced political unrest as people demanded the resignation of President Abdullah Saleh, who did eventually step down.

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