Human Rights Council condemns rights abuses in Syria

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Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council has condemned the on going violence and human rights abuses in Syria and demanded an immediate end to the armed crackdown of anti government protesters.

In a resolution approved by 37 member states, the council deplored what it said were brutal actions of the Syrian government which have forced thousands to flee their homes and created a humanitarian crisis.

The council demanded that the United Nations and other aid agencies be given free and unimpeded access to the worst affected areas to deliver urgently needed food and medical assistance.

The Russian Federation, Cuba and China opposed the resolution saying it was one sided and did not offer any suggestions on how to end the crisis.

Vladimir Zheglov is the ambassador of the Russian Federation.

"The resolution before us is yet another example of one sided politicized approaches to the situation in Syria being pushed forward by some countries. The text is not a balanced one and in a one sided manner blames the Syrian government for the violence and doesn't have any constructive signals that we need to find a political and diplomatic solution to the crisis. We have proposed some constructive amendments to the text that may help us have a balanced document during the preparation of most of them we used the text of the latest report of the independent commission of inquiry on the situation in Syria. However our amendments have been ignored and this means that the cosponsors have ignored some of the conclusions of the commission."

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