UK accused of "militarisation" of South Atlantic

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Mark Lyall-Grant

The Argentine government has made an official complaint at the United Nations in New York over what it's calling the militarisation of the South Atlantic.

It says the British have built up their military forces in the Falkland Islands or Malvinas which are situated 300 miles off the coast of Argentina in the South Atlantic.

Britain and Argentina went to war in 1982 over the sovereignty of the British overseas territory.

Speaking in New York, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman said tensions between the two countries have been mounting.

"The escalation was caused by the statements by the British Prime Minister and by his defence minister and by several members of the British armed forces calling for a militarization and the military resolution of the Malvinas islands conflict. At no time have they called for dialogue"

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Argentina says it has sovereignty over the islands, a claim that the British Ambassador to the UN, Sir Mark Lyall-Grant, dismissed.

"The claim of sovereignty is an entirely manufactured claim, that has no basis in law and no basis in history. Therefore, it is a manufactured claim. Why on earth should Argentina suddenly decide that it has sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, just because they happen to be 300 miles away. It doesn't make any sense."

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