Cancer kills over one million a year in SE Asia


Portrait of a man diagnosed with lung cancer in hospital, India

Cancer has been targeted as a major killer across South East Asia by the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO estimates that 1.1 million people die of the disease each year across eleven countries in the region. Lung cancer is one of the most widespread cancers. To mark World Cancer Day on Saturday, Daniel Dickinson spoke to WHO's Dr Renu Garg, a regional adviser for non-communicable diseases based in New Delhi, India.

Afghan midwives address need for more skilled maternal care

Students in the Community Midwives Education Programme, supported by UNFPA, in Kabul.

Maternal death rates in Afghanistan are down 22% since 2000 thanks to the growing popularity of midwifery training programmes, according to the United Nations Population Fund, or UNFPA. In Afghanistan, the combined total of midwives, nurses and doctors amounts to less than 1 for every 1,000 people. The lack of health workers trained in maternal care is compounded by the fact that Afghan women on average have just over five children. Dr. Laurent Zessler spoke to Jocelyne Sambira about how midwives have been key to saving lives.

Women-run advocacy organization improves lives in Nepal

Nepali women

Women at the grassroots in Nepal are being empowered to address all forms of violence against them and their children. Community-based Paralegal Committee programmes, supported by UNICEF, were created initially to stop the trafficking of persons. But more recently, the committees are settling domestic disputes, matters relating to property rights, fighting discrimination and also promoting family health rights. John Britte UNICEF's Chief Communications officer described to Dianne Penn how these paralegal committees work.

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