Victims of ethnic violence in South Sudan need help

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Mandari Cattle herder rubs one of his cows with ash to protect its skin from the burning sun in Southern Sudan

Thousands of people who fled ethnic violence in the town of Pibor in the remote state of Jonglei in South Sudan will need massive assistance in the weeks to come.

That's the assessment of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan, Lise Grande who was part of a humanitarian delegation that has gone to the town of Pibor.

Thousands of armed youth from Lou Nuer ethnic group who besieged the town which is populated by the rival Murle community have now left.

Ms. Grande says the members of the Murle community are now returning to the town of Pibor which is intact.

"The people that are coming back, they will find that their houses are there but, of course, they are going to need food and all kinds of assistance in order to restart their livelihoods. We know that the Lou Nuer tribe, the column of youth that had massed for the past 10 days, they have taken many cattle. We have to assume therefore that many families are not going to have their livelihoods and this is going to be a part of our operation, finding ways to support in the absence of the cattle which they depended on."

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