Korea's hospital for Haiti

Korean doctor examining Haitian patient

Haitian patient is treated in Korean-run hospital in Leogane. Haiti is still struggling to rebuild homes and lives following the devastating earthquake which hit the country two years ago this week. Over 200,00 people were killed and more than 300,000 injured in the earthquake. The UN peacekeeping force in Haiti, MINUSTAH has played a central role in the rebuilding of damaged property as Charles Appel reports.

Executions triple in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian flag

The number of executions for crimes committed in Saudi Arabia last year has increased three-fold compared to 2010, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, (OHCHR). Saudi Arabia uses the death penalty for a wide range of offences, including murder, drugs offences and witchcraft. OHCHR says it's also concerned about court proceedings and the use of torture to obtain confessions. Nicki Chadwick reports.

"Extraordinary turnaround" on eradicating polio in India

polio vaccination

It took a billion doses or oral polio vaccine….but the results have been impressive….India has completed one year without recording a single polio case, an "extraordinary turnaround" according to the World Health Organization.

Two years ago, India had half the cases of polio in the world. To achieve these results, 170 million children under the age of 5 were vaccinated annually.

Sona Bari, Spokesperson for polio eradication at WHO, spoke to Jocelyne Sambira about the scope of work involved in ridding India of the virus.

Presenter:  Jocelyne Sambira
Duration:  10’00″

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