Women most at risk for climate disasters

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An elderly woman is lead through the flood waters in Gonaives

From 1999 to 2008, floods affected almost one billion people in Asia, 28 million in the Americas, 22 million in Africa and four million in Europe. A new United Nations report says that women are most at risk from such climate disasters. I asked Jim Sniffen, Information Officer with UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, in New York, why women were disproportionately affected.

Clinton calls for end to homophobia

Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking in Geneva in advance of Human Rights Day, said religious tradition or cultural practices are no excuse for discriminating – or worse – against gay people. Delivering her human rights speech, Hillary Clinton said that worldwide, gay people in some cases are an invisible minority.

Afghan women make voices heard at Bonn

Women parliamentarians of the Afghan Lower House

A one-day gathering on Afghanistan took place in Bonn, Germany at the beginning of December. It brought together some 100 delegations and aid organizations to discuss the future of Afghanistan after foreign troops leave the country in 2014. For the first time, some 20 women participated in the conference as well, to voice their concerns about the future of women in Afghanistan.  Gerry Adams spoke to one of them, Suraya Pakzad, President of the Voice of Women Organization, to find out what was accomplished.

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