Grenada challenges developed nations to demonstrate the political will to deliver on the outcome of Durban Climate Conference

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NARRATOR: Grenada has expressed confidence that the Durban Climate conference can deliver the outcomes that will guarantee the survival of vulnerable countries such as those that make up the Alliance of Small-Island Developing States –AOSIS – a grouping of 43 small states in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Grenada's Minister of Environmental Affairs Karl Hood challenged delegates to demonstrate to the world that they had the political will to do so.

TAPE: We in AOSIS approach these negotiations concerned that our very survival is at stake and that time is running out to take action. Our task has never been more urgent because what we are witnessing are emissions at their highest levels in history, with an accelerating rate of increase. I want us all to be clear on one thing – we in AOSIS have not come here to negotiate ourselves out of existence, but this is what will happen if we give in to some of the proposals put forward in the last couple of days. We are extremely concerned about the developments under the Kyoto Protocol The mandate for this protocol has to be a priority here in Durban and we look forward to concluding negotiations on it. Delay is not an option!

NARRATOR: Minister Karl Hood warned that delegates also had to ensure that they agreed on the implementation of the Cancun Agreements and resolved the outstanding issues on the Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Committee, the Technology related institutions, and the processes to assist the Least Developed Countries and Africa.…

TAPE: What we are saying is that this process should be able to deliver the survival of all countries. We must lift our sights and not let national interests overtake global interests.

We have a responsibility to the world to do what is necessary to prevent an escalation of the already devastating impacts of climate change that we are now experiencing around the world. I want to reiterate what I said at the start: this process can deliver the outcomes that will guarantee the survival of vulnerable countries as long as we can find the political will to do so. Let's do it! Let's not speak one thing outside the negotiating room and another thing inside the room. Let us leave Durban with a clear path to progress, not the uncertain road of compromise. Let us not mortgage the future of our world.

NARRATOR:Grenada's Minister of Environmental Affairs Karl Hood.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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