Ugandan rebels spread terror in Central Africa

LRA rebel fighters

• Ongoing attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army have been strongly condemned by the Security Council. The Council is calling for an immediate end to the atrocities which have displaced 440,000 people. The LRA, formed in Uganda in the late 1980s, has exported its rampages to neighbouring countries.

Cholera adds to hardships for Somali refugees in Kenya

New arrivals at Dadaab

• Efforts to help  Somali refugees are being hampered by an outbreak of cholera and continuing insecurity in Kenya's Dadaab complex. The UN refugee agency says 60 cases of cholera have broken out in the camps with one death. Security is also being stepped up after several incidents including the discovery of an explosive device along one of the roads to the camps.

Tanzania lacks social services for people  

Rural Tanzanians

• Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world, is facing challenges in providing social services to its people. The country does not have enough social workers and funds. There is also a growing problem of unemployed youth who resort to crime to survive, according to a Tanzanian social worker.

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