New HIV infections fall in Asia: UN report

Women in India

The number of new HIV infections in South and South East Asia have dropped by more than 40 per cent between 2006 and 2010, according to a new report on HIV/AIDS. The report launched in Geneva on Monday also reveals that new HIV infections in India fell by 56 per cent. UNAIDS and the World Health Organization also said that people with HIV are living longer and AIDS-related deaths are declining due to antiretroviral therapy. Aditya Mehta spoke to Paul De Lay, Deputy Executive Director, UNAIDS, on how 2011 was a game-changing year for the AIDS response.

Children learn how to prepare for an earthquake

Children learn how to prepare for an earthquake

The Central Asia region has a history of natural disasters. Uzbekistan, which is one of the larger states in the region, lies on a major fault line and has experienced a number of earthquakes. In July this year, 13 people were killed in a 6.1 magnitude quake centred in neighbouring Kyrgystan. So, what do you do if you're young and scared and you know you will experience a quake at some point in your life? Charles Appel reports.

Government, agencies helping to bring children back to school in former Sri Lankan warzone

Students at school rebuilt with UNICEF funds

The nearly three decades long civil war in Sri Lanka, left the education system in the country's north weakened. But, now even after two years have passed since the government declared victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or LTTE, the cracks remain. Many classrooms in the rural parts of the North remain empty. Schools face shortages of teachers. Take, for example, Vavuniya North and Chettikulam, where there are reportedly often only two teachers for 10 classes. Derrick Mbatha spoke to UNICEF's Brenda Haplik on the efforts being undertaken to rebuild education in the country.

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