Farming of fish helping to reduce global poverty

In the Asia-Pacific region, small scale fish farming continues to account for the bulk of aquaculture production.

Aquaculture is helping reduce poverty and to improve food security in many parts of the world.

A report just released by the Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO, finds that the farming of fish and crustaceans currently provides nearly half of all fish that are consumed globally.

Asia, in particular, dominates this type of farming. In 2008, it accounted for 90 per cent of global production of fish, with China alone contributing 60 per cent.

FAO's Rohana Subasinghe says, with growing populations, there is a strong incentive for developing this sector.

"Because the production from captive fisheries, from the seas are not increasing, with the increase of the global population we need to have more fish at least to maintain the current level of per capita consumption. So for that only way we can produce fish to make sure that people continue to eat has to come from aquaculture. Therefore aquaculture is a very important sector and it gives you fish, which are nutritious and which provides you with amino acids and various nutrients which are required for well-being and health."

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