Adapting to climate change in West Asia

Mannava Sivakummar

Farmers in West Asia and North Africa are being encouraged to try new crop varieties in an attempt to cope better with climate change and burgeoning populations. West Asia, which includes countries in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan, is expected to suffer badly from a decline in food production. Experts have been meeting in Kuwait to discuss how best to respond to this decline. Daniel Dickinson asked Dr Mannava Sivakummar from the UN's World Metrological Organization how a strategy can be developed for a region with such large disparities in wealth.

floods in Thailand

Fresh water and sanitation key to Thailand's recovery from flood crisis

After months of flooding that submerged 29 provinces in Thailand and its capital Bangkok, waters are expected to recede. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was in the country visiting flood-hit areas, and has offered the full backing of the United Nations. Almost three million have been affected by this year's severe monsoon season, and over 500 people have been killed. Jocelyne Sambira reports.

Afghan delegates at a Loya Jirga

Historic Loya Jirga begins to deliberate US role, peace process in Afghanistan

A four-day Loya Jirga, or Grand Council, has begun from Wednesday in Kabul to discuss the future of America's military presence in Afghanistan, after foreign forces leave the country in 2014. Almost 2,300 delegates, mainly tribal elders and local power brokers, are deliberating on key issues, including the peace process with the Taliban, under a large tent in the capital. The event being convened by President Karzai is taking place amidst tight security. The Taliban, an insurgent group, has threatened to attack the assembly and kill participants. I spoke to Kate Clark from the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a think tank, a day before the jirga began on the expectations and possible outcomes.

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