Refugees, displaced and stateless people facing hard times

refugees fleeing to Republic of South Sudan

refugees fleeing to Republic of South Sudan

The ever growing complexity of conflicts and the intensity of natural disasters is making it harder to find solutions for the worlds 43 million refugees, internally displaced and stateless people according to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

Head of UNHCR António Guterres says greater concerted efforts is needed by the international community to prevent conflict, find solutions to climate change and better manage natural disasters.

Speaking in Geneva, Mr Guterres warned of the dangers of rising xenophobia, saying it was a threat to the protection of refugees.

"The multitude of refugee crises this past year has tested the international community's commitment to provide protection space to those seeking safety across borders. The test has shown that refugee protection is very much alive. Racism and xenophobia are not the preserve of extremists or homicidal individuals. Similar sentiments are expressed by populist politicians and some irresponsible elements of the media – sentiments that are not always opposed with sufficient energy and courage by mainstream political and social movements. Racism and xenophobia diminish us all. But the discrimination and intolerance to which they give rise, do not affect us equally. Refugees, asylum seekers and people without a nationality suffer disproportionately."

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