Pakistan can help peace process in Afghanistan, says author

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Conflict, Extremism, and Resistance to Modernity

Pakistan can help the process of reconciliation to end the violence in Afghanistan, according to the author of a new book on the region. Afghanistan has been fighting extremism since the Taliban were removed from power by a US-led coalition a decade ago. But despite ongoing peace efforts with the Taliban and other insurgent groups, violence is at its highest levels.  Former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, Riaz Mohammed Khan, author of Afghanistan and Pakistan: Conflict, Extremism, and Resistance to Modernity, says his country must put pressure on the Taliban and terror groups such as the Haqqani network that have camps in Pakistan's tribal regions to reconcile. Aditya Mehta spoke to Riaz Mohammed Khan about the role of regional countries in bringing peace in Afghanistan.

Myanmar's political prisoners need to be released ahead of elections

Tomás Ojea Quintana

Myanmar has been told that it has a real chance at a successful transition to democracy if it releases its prisoners of conscience, and improves its human rights record. UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar Tomás Ojea Quintana made that point to the country's authorities during a recent visit. Two hundred prisoners of conscience have already been released, including the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner, and opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. But as Tomás Ojea Quintana told Jocelyne Sambira, many prominent leaders who played an important role in the country's history remain in jail ahead of forthcoming elections.

India, UN have a special relationship, says UN official

Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman

India's commitment to the United Nations even precedes its birth as a nation. That's why the Director of the UN Information Centre or UNIC, in New Delhi, Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, says there's a special relationship between India and the UN. Not only is India a founding member, but it regularly commits personnel to UN peacekeeping missions to help alleviate suffering in countries recovering from conflict. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman spoke with Gerry Adams about the enduring relationship between the UN and the world's largest democracy

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