Chad struggling to cope with cholera outbreak


cholera outbreak in Chad worsens

cholera outbreak in Chad worsens

Chad is struggling to cope with a major cholera outbreak which according to the United Nations has killed at least 400 people and infected over 13,000.

Despite efforts by government and relief agencies to contain the outbreak, the disease is expected to continue spreading during the on-going rainy season due to a lack of adequate sanitation facilities.

Thomas Gurtner is the  UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Chad.  

"What we will be able to do in the current crisis is to reduce the death rates of people being infected but it will be very difficult over the next four to eight weeks to have a major impact in reducing the rates of infection. At this stage we have not seen the outbreak peaking.   Our estimations are that by the end of the raining season, which is delayed we are going to see easily another 10 to 15 thousands infected and while the country is currently responding, it still remains a huge threat."

There are over 1.5 million people who are food insecure in the Central African country.

The return of an estimated 80,000 Chadians from Libya is expected to make the situation worse.

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