Wayuu Taya bags help indigenous live better

Patricia Velasquez

The Wayuu Taya bag has become very fashionable in the United States and a great accessory for the socially conscious individual. It takes 21 days for one individual to make one hand woven bucket bag. But the money made has helped the indigenous women of Venezuela improve their lives while safeguarding their culture. Latin supermodel and actress Patricia Velasquez, a Wayuu from Venezuela, is the brains behind the initiative. She spoke to Laura Kwiatkowski about what inspired her to start the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

International Youth Day celebrates girls

International Youth Day

As the International Year of the Youth comes to an end, a day-long event featuring young women and girls keen on addressing global challenges and concerns took place at United Nations headquarters in New York. Called the UN International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration Day, the event provided a motivational forum for more than 200 girls and young women who have played leadership roles in their communities. UN Youth Champion Monique Coleman and Begona Lasagabaster from UN Women also joined in the celebrations. Ms. Lasagabaster told the young women gathered how important they were.

Indigenous women of Nepal seek rights

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

There are 5,000 distinct groups of indigenous peoples in some 90 countries around the world. They make up more than five per cent of the world’s population. On August 9th, they were celebrated at the United Nations during the annual International Day for the World's Indigenous Peoples. Sangini Rana of Nepal is with the Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America. She spoke to Gerry Adams about the indigenous people of Nepal and the fight for equal rights of indigenous Nepalese women.

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