New e-guide tackles childhood malnutrition

an infant in it's mothers arms

an infant in it's mothers arms

Governments and health workers now have access to a new internet based tool developed by the World Health Organization which provides the latest scientific guidance on the management of health threats posed by malnutrition.

The WHO e-library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA) has information on tackling the three main forms of malnutrition including undernutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and obesity.

WHO estimates that 3.9 million children die each year as a result of being underweight while more than 40 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.

Dr Francesco Branca is the Director of Nutrition for Health and Development Department at WHO.

"We are dealing with the treatment of severe acute malnutrition which is quite an important action particularly in view of the current emergencies like the one in the Horn of Africa. We are restating the importance of exclusive breast feeding until the age of six months, we are providing the rational for the fortification of vitamins and minerals of main staple foods as well as the use of multiple micronutrients powders that can be used to fortify at home the diet of children between 6 and 23 months, and we are stating the importance of daily or intermittent iron and folic acid supplementation for pregnant women to prevent maternal deaths as well as child underdevelopment."

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