Lebanese and Israeli commanders discuss border tensions

UNIFIL Peacekeeper patrols the "Blue Line" that demarcates the border between Lebanon and Israel

The head of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon is seeking to defuse tensions over the line that separates Israel and Lebanon.

The demarcation line known as the Blue Line was drawn by the United Nations after Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000.

The meeting with Lebanese and Israeli commanders seeks to avoid a recurrence of the gunfire exchange that took place earlier this month between the two armies.

Meanwhile, the UN has temporarily relocated some of its staff in Syria to Lebanon, says Bahaa El Koussy, the Director of UN Information Centre in Beirut.

"This is because of the mounting concern about what is going in Syria and safety and security of those staff and their family members. We have a total of 26 of those staff and 172 family members so it's almost 200 people evacuated from Syria. And we have a total of about 160 international staff deployed in Syria, so only 26 of them were drawn from the country together with their family members."

The UN mission in Lebanon or UNFIL has 12,000 uniformed personnel on the ground in southern Lebanon.

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Lebanon: UN force seeks to reduce tension over line of separation with Israel

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