Human Rights Council calls for an end to violence in Syria

Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council is to send an international commission of inquiry to Syria to investigate human rights violations committed during the on going crackdown on anti government protests.

At the conclusion of a two day special session on Syria, the council overwhelmingly adopted a resolution which condemned continued human rights violations by the Syrian Authorities.

The council urged the Syrian government to immediately put an end to arbitrary executions, use of excessive force, detention, torture, systematic persecution and intimidation of peaceful demonstrators.

33 member state of the council voted in favor of the resolution while four member states including Russia, Cuba, China and Ecuador voted against.

Cezary Lusinski is the representative of Poland.

"We believe that this resolution is a clear response of this council to the on going grave and systematic human rights violations in the Syrian Arab Republic, condemning the continued violence and lack of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Given the gravity of the situation, in the Syrian Arab Republic, I hope that this resolution will be adopted by consensus. This will show our support to the Syrian people and to indicate that this council can react unanimously and in a timely and swift manner to the ongoing human rights violations."  (Duration: 42″)

 China and Russia said they were opposed to the resolution as it was aimed at removing a legitimate government, does not give room for dialogue and could be used to destabilize Syria.

 Duration 43"

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