Grenada's Youth hold great promise: Ambassador Williams

Dessima Williams

Grenada has expressed solidarity with all the youth worldwide who are set upon by wars, famine and bombings.

Ambassador Dessima Williams told a high-level meeting on youth that Grenada, especially mourns the hundreds dying everyday in the Horn of Africa from famine.

At the same time, she said the conference is an opportunity for the international community to re-examine and scale up its efforts to respond to the many needs.

Dessima: Like most countries, the youth of Grenada hold great promise! This is weighed down by social and economic forces which lead to high rates of unemployment and other challenges. Yet, we continue to witness the emergence of a strong and positive national youth sector, one that is underpinned by a National Youth Policy. Our youth, especially our girls, are graduating from secondary school in record numbers and are going on to succeed in colleges and universities in equally record numbers. From primary to secondary level, our young athletes are breaking sports records and some, including our competitors in men's 400 metres and in women's figure skating are setting their eyes on Olympic competitions. Watch out for Kirani James. Many more Grenadian youth are in professional schools in the culture industry and are becoming successful entrepreneurs. The numbers of young leaders, youth, parliamentarians and youth ambassadors are increasing and there is a healthy and exhilarating dynamism as they succeed. Government's spending focus on youth training and job creation, rehabilitation and empowerment.

NAR: According to Ambassador Williams, far too many cannot achieve their potential due to poverty and lack of opportunity. She noted that as the United Nations prepares to commit to sustainable development in 2012 Rio+20 outcome, Grenada reiterates its vision of its youth playing a stronger role in national sustainable development.

Dessima: This is why we call on the United Nations and others, including businesses to engage in partnership with us and support us for inclusion of our youth within the democratic processes; job creation and economic empowerment of our youth; and development of the necessary frameworks to strengthening grass root youth organizations. Grenada understands that young people are valuable in national development. But they are far more than a development resource. Rather, like other groups, young people have an intrinsic worth to themselves and to humanity. It is our responsibility to do more, much more, to honor and empower them so they too, can make right choices for themselves and for the world.

NAR: Grenada's Permanent Representative Ambassador Dessima Williams.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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