Famine-stricken Somalis need more aid

family of refugees arrive at Dadaab camp

family of refugees arrive at Dadaab camp

The international community must do more to help the famine-stricken Somalis who continue to cross into Kenya to seek aid, the United Nations humanitarian chief said.

Ms. Valerie Amos was on a visit to Dadaab in north-eastern Kenya to see first-hand the crisis gripping the region.

Dadaab is home to more than 400,000 registered refugees, nearly all of them Somali.

Somali families are travelling for days from their various locations in Southern Somalia into Dadaab and their situation is really desperate.

There is a need to beef up support to the Somali people and the region, says Rita Maingi, the spokesperson for the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs in Nairobi.

“People inside Somalia as well as refugees that are camping in the Dadaab camp are in deep crisis. This is a deep crisis that should not be taken for granted and that the donor community, the humanitarian community should focus more on saving lives otherwise the famine is actually expected to spread in the next few weeks into more regions in Southern Somalia.”

An estimated 70,000 people having arrived in the past two months fleeing drought, failed harvests and conflict in their country.

UN agencies and their partners are working to ease the overcrowding within Dadaab.

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