Asia challenged by the region's changing face of HIV

HIV among sex workers

There is a high prevalence of HIV among sex workers in Asia. However, thanks to new policies and programmes, the region has seen a dramatic drop in new infections. This progress is now threatened by the ever changing face of the epidemic. Across the region, HIV epidemics among men who have sex with men are growing. Unless countries take action, the gains made in the last decade may be lost.

Stateless women in Kyrgyzstan

Citizen laws in 30 countries still discriminate against women

12 million people around the world are stateless, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency or UNHCR. Statelessness happens when states dissolve and new ones are born, or when borders are re-drawn. In most cases, women, as well as ethnic and social groups are the ones who remain in "legal limbo", without any nationality or citizenship.

UNHCR is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the problem ahead of the 50th anniversary of the 1961 Convention on the reduction of statelessness.

Schoolgirl at the chalkboard

Girls' attendance rates in rural Mali schools jumps

Local communities in Mali are beginning to embrace change. The value of education for both girls and boys is beginning to catch on. Many families are now sending their girls to school, instead of marrying them off at a young age. Educated girls are now getting jobs and helping their families.

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