A family experiences the benefits of citizenship in Viet Nam

Cambodian-born, Tran Hoang Phuc - now a Vietnamese citizen

It's estimated that statelessness affects some 12 million people worldwide.

The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, has begun a campaign appealing to more countries to sign up to two United Nations conventions on statelessness in order to find a durable global solution to the problem.

Viet Nam is one country that has introduced one solution –groundbreaking legal reforms that are helping stateless people become citizens.

Tran Hoang Phuc has taken advantage of Viet Nam's new laws.

Jet Li

Martial arts star attends UN "Peace, Friendship and Health" performance

If you're a fan of action movies, the name Jet Li will be very familiar to you.

UN audiences had the pleasure of hearing from Mr. Li, martial artist, famous actor and former Goodwill Ambassador of the World Health Organization recently when he attended a Wushu martial arts performance at the UN called "Peace, Friendship and Health".

Beijing-born Jet Li began studying Wushu (Chinese martial arts) at the age of eight. He won his first Chinese national championship for the Beijing Wushu Team three years later.

Mr. Li has represented China in over 45 countries performing martial arts at various state functions. He retired from the sport at the age of 17 and shortly after, began his film career.

After experiencing the 2004 South Asian tsunami, Jet Li took a break from acting, turned his attention to philanthropy and set up a charitable foundation known as "One Foundation".

UN Radio's Liling Huang spoke to Mr. Li about the Foundation and about how martial arts could contribute to world peace.

Muslim Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The problems of statelessness in Asia

Although statelessness is a global phenomenon, the problem is most acute in South East Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Stateless people are not citizens of the country where they live, or of any other country.

They are often denied basic rights and access to employment, housing, education and other basic services.

Mark Manly, Head of the Statelessness Unit of the UN refugee agency UNHCR, spoke to Gerry Adams  recently about statelessness in Asia.

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