UN Scales up aid to displaced families in Pakistan

displaced Pakistani family

Some 84,000 people have fled fighting betweeen the Pakistan military and insurgents in the North-western region, according to the United Nations refugee agency. UNHCR is already handing out tents, and emergency supplies in camps in Central Kurram, but says it will increase aid to reach the newly displaced.

Malaysian government risks undermining democratic progress

unrest in Malaysia

The Malaysian government's violent response to demonstrators demanding free and fair elections needs to be investigated according to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Frank La Rue says democratic progress is being undermined by the government. Security forces recently used tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protestors, reportedly leading to one death and scores of injuries.

Chinese ageing rate "rarely seen in the world"

Chinese women sitting

China has a rapidly increasing elderly population the growth rate for which has been rarely seen before in the world. That's according to the World Bank's Lead Economist for China, Philip O'Keefe. People over the age of 60 now account for 13.3% of the population, a trend fuelled, in part, by the one-child policy. With fewer children being born and the population declining, the relative number of old people, who were born before the policy came into effect, has increased. The World Bank's Philip O’Keefe, says that China needs to set what he describes as a "new course" to look after this ageing population.

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