When girls become the parents

A young girl carries her sibling

50 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa are orphans, and they often are exposed to violence and exploitation, according to the UNICEF. Those who do not end up on the streets find themselves taking care of their younger siblings. Girls are usually the ones who have to take charge and take on the role of the parent.

Michael Klaus, UNICEF's regional Chief of Communication spoke about the magnitude of the problem.

Son preference perpetuates discrimination, say UN agencies

Young boys playing marbles

In many parts of the world, couples prefer to have sons rather than daughters. But this so-called sex selection favouring boys perpetuates violence and discrimination and is a violation of women's rights. That is the conclusion of a report by five UN agencies.

Gender-biased sex selection reflects and fuels a culture of discrimination and violence, say the agencies, and it must and can end.

3,000 midwives needed in South Sudan to deliver babies

midwife attending patient

It's never straight-forward giving birth in South Sudan, one of the poorest parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. 80% of women there deliver at home. They have no access to skilled birth attendants and have to go very far to reach the nearest medical center.

Many of them die from birth complications or lose their babies.

With one of the highest levels of maternal deaths in the world, South Sudan is hoping to train 3,000 midwives to tackle the problem.

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