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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently launched to the public a CD called “Sembrar la Vida” – Cultivate Life. The CD contains 12 songs from nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean played by Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy. Through this initiative, FAO seeks to raise awareness about the importance of family farms to ensure food security, nutrition and hunger eradication in Latin America and the Caribbean. Beng Poblete-Enriquez spoke to Carmelo Gallardo, FAO's spokesperson for the Sembrar la Vida project, about the CD.

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Gallardo: We have dedicated almost one year to have the CD. And Sembrar la Vida, it means cultivate for people of agricultural activities not just for food, it's also for the life. We need the food for the life. This is the main message behind.

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Gallardo: In America Latina there are two million families – that means 11 million people, about 52 per cent of the total rural population in Central America, their conditions they are not good enough and we believe that improving their conditions we can reduce poverty but also we can improve the general development and food security situation of the countries and we wanted to put these people on the agenda on the discussion of the population.

Why a CD though?

Gallardo: We wanted to do something different. And we thought the music is very beautiful and nice instrument to pass the messages. And also we think that the singer, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy he is very interesting and very known in Nicaragua and Central America and he's also passing in the concert or in some interviews, transmitting these messages to the people.

So aside from promoting FAO and the work that FAO does, the CD will embrace what the farmers are doing and give recognition to their efforts?

Gallardo: In fact, one of the six priorities in Latin America for FAO is this kind of small farmers no. We want to help this part of the population and we believe that one way to do it is to sensitize the rest of the population about this problem with music.

There are 12 songs in this CD can you give us three of your favourite selections and why?

Gallardo: We have one song from Panama, Romulo Castro, it's a different rhythm, I think it's even a Brazilian rhythm. It's a very, very nice song.

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Gallardo: Quiero Ver by Romulo Castro, I want to see. Also, the first one, it was written especially for Luis Enrique, Sembrar la Vida, the title of the CD, it's a very nice song

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Gallardo: And the third one, the song from Honduras, Guillermo Anderson, the song is very funny, El Encarguito.

Music: El Encarguito (UP, hold under, fade out)

Gallardo: It's talking in history that I want to give you some food for your trip to the United States and it's speaking many different typical fruits from Honduras no? Even myself, I don't know. (laughter) "Give this food to my family in the United States but please, I hope that Immigration authorities do not disturb you with this food no – it's very, very funny.

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Listen to the songs, they are free in our web-page from FAO. I hope that this is a different idea to pass an important message about the small farmers, their importance in Latin America.

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