Conflict in Libya to worsen situation of children and women in the country

Eight-year-old Sulah, a mine victim, in Benghazi Hospital:MAG

Eight-year-old Sulah in Benghazi Hospital:MAG

Women and children will bear the brunt of the conflict in Libya should it turnout to be long and protracted, according to the UN Children's agency UNICEF

The agency says schools were no longer operational while critical health services including routine vaccination were grinding to a halt due to shortages of essential drugs.

UNICEF also says the provision of water and sanitation services which has remained uninterrupted despite the conflict was experiencing difficulties due to lack of spare parts and water purification chemicals.

Pierre Poupard heads the UNICEF response team in Libya.  

"We have visited several hospitals including in the west of the country Tripoli, but also in Misrata, in Benghazi, Aj Dabiya, Nalut etc. I can tell you no one single case of malnutrition has been reported. It means that coping mechanism after four months of the conflict are still working. We are now in mid June,  schools have been closed from February. Which means most probably all the children in that country will lose one year. This is a real concern for UNICEF because definitely the more the conflict will go on the more we may face disruption of those social services."

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UNICEF says mines and unexploded ordinances were also a major threat to the lives of children in Libya.

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