Asian region needs more blood donors

Blood screening

The world needs more blood donors, says the World Health Organization. With the theme "More blood. More life," World Blood Donor Day was celebrated on June 14th. The day was first observed in 2004. It has become an opportunity to thank the millions of people who donate each year.

Gerry Adams asked Dr Rajesh Bhatia, the World Health Organization's Regional Adviser for Blood Safety in New Delhi, India, why it's so important to donate.

Prominent opposition leader addresses ILO

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the prominent opposition leader from Myanmar, has appealed to the International Labour Organization, the ILO, to do more in her country. Speaking to the 100th session of the International Labour Organization by video message, Mrs. Suu Kyi said at one time, her country, also known as Burma, was considered the nation most likely to succeed in South-East Asia.

Role of social media grows in India and neighbouring countries

Shashi Tharoor

Social media can be a powerful tool in affecting change, but it can also be problematic for governments and politicians. Shashi Tharoor knows a lot about both. He currently serves as a member of parliament in India and has held a number of high-level positions, including chief of Public Information at United Nations headquarters. Julie Walker spoke with Mr. Tharoor about social media's role in his region of the world.

Presenter: Geraldine Adams

Production Assistant : Sandra Guy

Editor: Daniel Dickinson

Duration: 10'00"

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