Scores detained by Libyan government and opposition forces

Over 180 people are being detained by both the Libyan government and opposition forces, according to the UN Commission investigating human rights abuses in Libya.

Fighting in Libya

Fighting in Libya

In Tripoli the Libyan government is holding 86 detainees including 18 journalists.

In Benghazi, opposition forces are holding 76 detainees among them soldiers from the Libyan Army and alleged mercenaries.

The commission is calling for the release of the detainees on humanitarian grounds.

Cedric Sapey is from the UN Human Rights Council .

“The Commission reminded the authorities of the need to treat all detainees in accordance with international standards. In Tripoli, the Commission discussed the fate of a number of journalists currently detained and shared with the authorities a list containing 18 specific names asking for their whereabouts. It also brought to their attention the situation of 86 detainees currently held in “El Jdaida Detention Centre in relation to the events which took place in February and March 2011. The Commission interviewed a number of them and has also asked for their release on humanitarian grounds. The authorities promised to look into that matter with a view to release them in the coming days.”

He says members of the Commission visited hospitals and detention centers in several Libyan cities including Tripoli and Benghazi, held talks with Libyan government officials as well as representatives of the opposition National Transitional Council.

The Report of the Commission will be submitted to the Human Rights Council at its next session in June 2011.

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